FOSS XR Conference

Open Source conference organized for everything VR, AR and XR in the FOSS space.

OpenHMD will be there with presentations, hacking and sharing knowledge!
When: Sat October 26 2019 09:00 - 20:30

FOSDEM 2019 (Brussels - BE)

Gathering of the OpenHMD community, discussing current progress, development of drivers and features, integration into application and future development!
When: Sun February 3 2019 16:00 - 17:00

XR Hackfest at Collabora - (Cambridge - UK)

Hackathon time!

This event is not just for OpenHMD people but for the greater XR* open source community. Registration is free, tho as this is hosted at the Collbaora offices a short confidentiality agreement would have to be signed (only covering the office not the Hackathon). Please contact jakob 'at' collabora 'dot' com for any questions regarding the Event.

* Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and everything in between.
When: Sat October 20 2018 12:00 - Sun October 21 23:45

OpenHMD Hackathon at Shackspace - (Stuttgart - DE)

Hackathon time!
We have a lot that is 'almost' done, some design decisions and some releases to prepare!

Expect some Vive(pro), Microsoft Mixed Reality, PSVR work and some releases!

This time we are teaming up with Shackspace in Stuttgart!
Lets hope we don't get distracted by the great beer and atmosphere of Baden-Württemberg.
When: Sat May 19 2018 09:00 - Sun May 20 23:00

OpenHMD Hackathon at CCC-FFM! - (Frankfurt am Main - DE)

Starting as a quick meetup with a couple of developers ended up as a full blown hackathon at the headquarters of the legendary Chaos Computer Club!

We will be hacking on all sorts of HMD's, working on positional tracking for devices, hacking on the Microsoft Acer Mixed Reality headset and everything related to this!

This is a semi-open event, if you are in Frankfurt and want to join us, please let us know on IRC (
When: Sat November 4 2017 09:00 - Sun November 5 23:00

Blender Conference 2017 - (Amsterdam - NL)

Joey (TheOnlyJoey/TheOnlyBouncer) will be attending the Blender Conference and will be hacking on OpenHMD and the Blender integration.
Feel free to poke him to ask questions or contribute!
When: Fri October 27 2017 09:00 - Sun October 29 21:00

Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage 2017 (Kiel - DE)

OpenHMD will be presenting at the Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage together with Godot to show of the power of full open source game development.

When: Fri September 15 2017 10:00 - Sat September 16 20:00

OpenHMD (H)Ackathon

OpenHMD is organizing a (H)Ackathon together with Ackspace to provide a place for reverse engineering, programming and expanding the OpenHMD Library.

When: Sat July 8 2017 09:00 - Sun July 9 23:00

FOSDEM 2017 (Brussels - BE)

OpenHMD will attend FOSDEM with a BoF session.
This meeting is for everyone interested in our project and community, discuss things like VR in Open Source, multi platform development, application integration, device support and anything related in general.
When: Sat February 4 2017 09:00 - Thu October 5 19:00